I can’t decide. Jury is still out.


[youtube_sc url=”kdemFfbS5H0″]



– There are celebrity cameos ahoy including The Hoff.

– “Who goes out on Mondays?” Is a fantastic line though.

– It seems “The Chainsmokers” are brilliantly poking fun at these young girls and the whole “Selfie” phenomenon. Which if that’s the case I applaud you, The Chainsmokers.

– If you really listen to the quotes from the girls, it’s really funny.

– The girls are hot.


– This is all you are going to hear in every club, bar, party, pop radio station, from your dumb friends for the next 6-8 months.

– The whole Selfie thing in general is just plain annoying.

– After a few listens the comedy of it starts to fade and it just becomes infuriating.

– You know that all these quotes are absolutely real things these guys in The Chainsmokers have overheard in clubs and at their shows. Which is just sad.


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