Electric Boat is hiring and is planning on adding 2,000 new employees for both its bases.

The Stamford Advocate reports that EB wants to bring aboard 1,350 new hires to its Groton plant.

Electric Boat will be building 18 new Columbia-class nuclear submarines for the Navy.  It costs over $5.5 billion to construct just one Columbia-class sub.  Also, production of nuclear attack submarines typically lasts about a year.

The submarines will start production in 2020.

Electric Boat President Jeffrey Geiger is very optimistic about the future.  He said, “We have a bright future with growth and substantial new work ahead of us. This future provides a great opportunity for state and local communities to come grow with us.”

Joe McGee, vice president of policy and programs for the Fairfield County Business Council, says this is a “big deal.”  McGee believes the new contract will benefit everyone in Connecticut.

McGee told the Stamford Advocate, “There is a spillover effect.”

Electric Boat is one of Connecticut’s biggest taxpayers.  The company spent about $579 million in the state over the past five years.  As a result, Fairfield County received roughly $34 million.

McGee also says this contract also offers immense opportunity, “This is a generational commitment. These are good, high paying jobs.”

More than just Fairfield County is celebrating the news.  In fact, some of Connecticut’s most powerful politicians are also cheering.

Senator Chris Murphy told The Advocate, “Manufacturing at Electric Boat and its hundreds of suppliers across the state is booming. The Navy is committed to our submarine force for defense at sea, and we’re positioned better than ever to meet that demand.”

Overall employment is expected to grow to 18,000 by 2030 in order to meet the new contact’s demands.

Those interested in a career at EB can fill out an application HERE.

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