This sounds downright BIBLICAL.  Fish falling from the sky?   What’s next?  The plague of locusts?

So, an osprey nest in Stratford is causing quite a stir.  They’ve literally become the sloppy neighbors nobody asked for.  What’s worse is that it’s happening right in front of the Stratford Fire Department.

NBC Connecticut reports that two ospreys decided that nesting on an antenna above the station was a smart idea, but aren’t being very considerate of their new landlords.  They’re throwing sticks and pieces of fish onto the firefighters below.

But that’s not all, sometimes it’s a whole fish… and cats.  MONSTERS.

The littering is starting to become a problem as larger and larger dead things are showing up at the main entrance.  Yeah, nothing says “Welcome” like a decaying trout.

The ospreys also took out the firefighter’s precious air conditioning unit by finding it the optimum location to drop a whole bass on it.

Disgusting creature habits aside, the primary concern is how the nest will start to interfere with emergency signals.

So, shortly after these majestic yet sloppy birds of prey moved in – they’re getting evicted.  They can no longer claim discrimination because they have been removed from the endangered species list.  On top of that, the nest is still empty so there’s no need to worry about eggs.

So, firefighters are stuck plotting ways to make mama and papa osprey leave the nest so they can move it to a safer… and more private… location.

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