Over the years ESPN has done a phenomonal job with their “This Is SportsCenter” TV ad campaign. Some of the commercials are laugh out loud funny.

The latest features New England Patriots star Rob Gronkkowski. The premise being that Gronk is showing off his Super Bowl ring to the SportsCenter crew in the office like it’s an engagement ring.



This might be one of the smartest This Is SportCenter episodes ever. It’s written in an extremely sneaky way to please both the Patriots superfans and the Patriots haters. On the surface any Pats fan says “Damn right Gronk! That thing is huge! Champs baby! They hate us cuz they ain’t us. Best team ever. Love it Gronk. FREE BRADY!”

The more subtle way to watch this as a Pats hater would be the commentary after Gronk walks away. The highlight being Kenny Mayne’s perfectly delivered hilarious line of “Too Much. It’s too much”.

In the end, the ESPN/SportsCenter marketing team are the true winners here. Brilliant.


via ESPN


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