A Bridgeport man was found screaming like a crazy person when a prostitute stole his cell phone.  Apparently “she” got into the car after they negotiated a deal to engage in sexual acts, but then decided “she’d” rather steal his cell phone rather than have sex with him.  As he wildly screamed for police, “she” threw the phone and took off on foot.  When police caught “her” she admitted she decided that “she” would rather steal Luis Santiago’s phone instead of having sex with him.

Why do I keep using those annoying “”?  If you haven’t figured it out yet, then “she” is a HE.  Just a guy prostitute dressed up as a woman.  The man/woman/prostitute’s name is Amarah Williams.

So, the question is- How does Luis feel?  He had a day filled with bad decisions.  First, he solicited a prostitute that was actually a man.  (Did he know that?… Another question I have.)  Then he left his phone unattended while a strange prostitute stole it from the car (that he invited her/him into).  Finally, he alerted police that he had solicited a man/woman whore and that he allowed this person to steal his phone.

With all of that, he has to deal with the fact that the world now knows that he hired a she-man whore that would rather steal his phone than have sex with him for money.  Dude, just let the phone go.  What did you think the police were going to do?  Pat you on the back? Congratulate you on getting their attention while the whore you solicited ran off with your phone?!  

Of course the police report has your name all over it.  You know there will be a bunch of Bridgeport cops having a laugh about this over a beer this weekend.


Source: CTPost.com | Image (c) Photodisc/Thinkstock

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