It should honestly go without saying that dogs are the best household animal man has ever domesticated. They are loyal and kind. They snuggle. And even in the most subtle of ways, they push their humans to live their best lives and be their best selves.

But what makes dogs especially unique is that their love knows no bounds. Sure, they love their humans. They will greet them at the door with the same insane level of excitement each day after work, washing away any memory that person had of the day’s stresses. They will curl up on the couch with them and watch some bad television without judgement. But a dog’s heart is so big and full of love, they’re happy to share the wealth with creatures of all kinds!

Just take a look at this pup who couldn’t contain his excitement upon meeting a cow:

Now, one of two things is happening here. The first possibility is that this dog has such a heightened sense of smell and taste that, even in cow form, the pup knows that this creature tastes like hamburgers and steaks. Or, the more likely possibility, the dog just so full of joy and wonder about the world that it can’t help but bathe this new creature with kisses.

Of course, the cow was licking the dog back, so if I’m the human on the other end of the leash I know that Spot here is in for a long bath and tooth brushing session when we get home. But still, it’s pretty heartwarming to see a pup give its trademark excited greeting to the new animal it just met at the farm!

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