Just when we think things couldn’t get any worse in Connecticut, they do. It was just yesterday that we lamented the fact that even our local news stations were bailing out of Connecticut, and now the wildlife is following suit.

According to ABC News, a pregnant manatee wasn’t happy to have her baby here in Connecticut and got shipped down to Florida to give birth. She’ll give birth at Sea World, and she’ll probably be happier.

Scientifically speaking, she’ll be happier because it’s apparently uncommon for manatees to be this far north and the waters are getting too cold for them to survive off the coast of New England.

That makes sense, but in my head, I like to imagine this manatee just fed up with the costs of living in Connecticut. She’s tired of paying taxes, seeing the state mismanage its money, and just read our article about how much it costs to raise a family of four in our state. She’s at her wits end and is sold on the warm waters and lack of state income tax in Florida. And with a baby on the way, who could blame her? She works hard, she’s starting a family, and she knows deep down that Connecticut is doomed.

Never would have guessed that something called a sea cow would be making wiser life decisions than me, but this is the world we live in now. In my version of things, this manatee is all of our spirit animal.

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