Normally a winter this terrible would be a meteorologist’s dream. Snow reports every day and the main feature of news reports for literally months. So how could they grow tired of the snow? Well, they’re human too and hate this snow just about as much as we do.

When the National Weather Service tells you to calm down, you should go ahead and calm down Winter.

John Murray of the National Weather Service told CityRoom, a blog at the New York Times, that this week’s crazy weather “is real unfortunate timing. We have icy areas on the roadways because they were so wet throughout the day and overnight, and all that snowmelt is freezing up. The snow is going to stick to the ground, to the roads. And as the snow gets heavy, you will have significantly reduced visibility, as little as a quarter-mile.”

Translation: Go home now before highways turn into a sheet of ice and traffic becomes a real-life hell. While you’re at it, tell your boss you’ll be staying home until the sun comes out and start praying spring comes as soon as possible.


(h/t Gothamist | picture (c) ThinkStock)

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