It’s a Bird!  It’s a Plane!  No, It’s Eversouce!  And they’re flying right over every inch of the state’s high voltage wires.

Yeah, that sounds pretty dangerous.  But, someone’s gotta do it.  Because, in the end, it makes all of us a lot safer.

Darien Times reports that Eversource does this fly-by checkup at least twice a year.   Their helicopters are equipped with some pretty fancy technology, too.

Steve Gilkey, Vice President of Connecticut Field Operations at Eversource, told the Times, “The semiannual helicopter inspections of our transmission lines are a crucial and effective part of our commitment to reducing the frequency and duration of power outages.”

Considering the company services well over 1 million people in Connecticut, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Basically, Eversource hates blackouts just as much as we do, so it’s utilizing all its resources to make sure they don’t happen.  Workers will use heat-sensing, infrared to scan the wires, which can target potential issues way before they even occur.

Sure, we have to deal with a little extra noise in the skies for the rest of the week.  But, on the plus side, no unanticipated power outages for the rest of the YEAR.

So, if you see a blue and silver or blue and white helicopter roaming over the power lines sometime before March 1st, know it’s just our friendly neighbors at Eversource.

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