It’s a bird.  No, it’s a plane!  No, it’s Eversource!  And these heroes are using their powers for good by heading down to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma repairs.

WTNH reports that Eversource sent about 100 of their very best to Florida on Saturday.  The crews consisted of linemen and support personnel. As of Sunday evening, crews said they reached Maryland before continuing down to disaster-stricken Florida.

There, they intend to partner with Florida’s largest utility: Florida Power & Light.

As of now, over 5 million residents are without power and that number continues to grow. Lineman James Willard said it’ll be an uphill battle to sort everything.  He told WTNH what he’s expecting:

“The first day is going to be rough. [A] lot of devastation, wires down, impassable roads, people looking for their property that doesn’t exist anymore,” e

Still, residents appreciate every man and woman helping to clear debris and restore power lines.  However, crews say they won’t be surprised if they pull 16-hour days for a while.   As long as their help shortens the amount of time people spend in the dark, it’s worth it.

Willard went on to explain that’s why he has so much pride for his job:

“As the cavalry goes down we see our comrades. We are elbow to elbow in the mud with these guys. We are very proud to do that. It’s nice to give back and nice to know they will come up and help when we need it too.”

It’s estimated that Eversource will remain in Florida for about two weeks because of the extent of Irma’s damage.  However, chances are they could be there for much longer than that.  At one point, Irma reached the size of Germany and covered nearly the entire state.

So, crews will be down south for a while.  But, none seem all that upset by it.   Actually, they’ve come to expect it.

As Willard put it, no amount of money can beat a job well done:

“The best part, once you get those lights on and you see them happy…[They] feel like they have life again. Awesome. Great feeling.”

So, if you wish to help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts, there’s two ways you can go about it.  Governor Rick Scott says you can sign up to volunteer on or donat $10 by texting “Disaster” to 20222.

CT Boom is also teaming with the American Red Cross for a blood drive this Friday.  It’ll be held 12pm to 5pm at 440 Wheelers Farms Road in Milford.  If you wish to donate blood, book your appointment HERE by using the sponsor code “radio.”

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