Facebook Live is one of the best inventions of our lifetime. Overnight, it gave everyone with a smartphone and a Facebook account the ability to stream live video to the world.

And there is real value in that. People can broadcast their message without being filtered through traditional media. People can share their lives and interact with their loved ones in a new and exciting way. Or, if you’re a police officer, Facebook Live has helped revolutionize the way you catch criminals by letting them broadcast their illegal antics all over the internet.

Such was the case this week in Connecticut, when a 38-year-old mother from Monroe decided to broadcast her 10-year-old son behind the wheel of a car and driving on public roads, according to a report from WAVY. She’s facing charges of risk of injury and impairing the morals of a minor.

Now, I know it’s a cute thing for parents to let their kids sit behind the wheel. “Oh look,” a loving parent might say. “My little Timmy is such a good driver!” You snap a picture and giggle at it a little bit because it’s so darn adorable. Or maybe you have a long driveway, and you let little Timmy sit on your lap and steer while you work the pedals and keep one hand on the wheel just in case. All of that seems fine and good.

But things veer very sharply from fine and good to stupid and dangerous when you take that cute moment, let little Timmy throw the car in drive, and take the act out onto public roads while you provide no proverbial safety net because you’re too busy setting up your Facebook Live broadcast.

That cute little act is a danger to everyone around you. Oh, and it’s probably a danger to your son too, considering an airbag to his face probably wouldn’t be very comfortable. But at the end of the day, you might have gotten away with it, except that you decided to show the world what you were doing. And for that, you earn both the Dumb Mother of the Year Award and a place in our Connecticut Woman Hall of Fame. Congratulations.

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