If you got the munchies, you need to go to Fairfield County.  This particular corner of Connecticut saw a flurry of new restaurant openings this year.  It’s a trend that’ll only continue to grow, too.  So, I call it a “Food Renaissance.”

Westfair Online explains that several Fairfield County cities and towns quickly became a new “food scene.”  A great example is the city of Stamford.  It effortlessly adopted its new title by adding several new restaurants this year, ranging from pizza places to five star cuisine.

Antonio Greco, who recently opened Bar Zepoli in the area, says there seems to be a restaurant “on every corner.”    Sounds like paradise to me!

It’s cool that Fairfield County adopted all this food buzz, with several new openings making national news!   Hey, one new Greenwich restaurant has a chef that took on Bobby Flay!  Definitely want to eat there.

You can thank this rapidly changing food culture on the landlords.  You see, before the rise of e-commerce, landlords preferred leasing their spaces to brick and mortar stores.

They consumed far less energy and appeared as the more profitable investment.  However, as online retail giants emerged, like Amazon, those boutique stores closed one by one.   In addition, less and less wanted to open in that prime retail space.

So, the landlords finally turned to the restaurants and said “have at it.”  Well, not exactly, but you get the gist.

Jessica Curtis, senior managing director at Newmark Knight Frank in Stamford, had a front row seat to all of this.

“When I started in Fairfield County in 2008, restaurants were the last thing that landlords wanted.  Restaurant economics are more of a challenge for landlords. They have a higher electrical capacity and a more intensive use of utilities.  Now, given what transpired with retail and the Amazon effect, landlords have seen restaurants as a way to create energy and drive lots of people to a project and also serve as an anchor for a neighborhood.”

She added that neighborhoods want more restaurants.  To the point of requesting them!

That rise in demand all stems from wealthy Fairfield County residents.  When you have money to burn, many choose to spend it eating out.

Why cook when someone will cook for you?

So, Fairfield County residents rarely eat at home with some people even eating out seven days a week!  Then again, also add in business lunches and brunches… it’s good to be a local restaurant.

Which is why the area continues to add some of the most unique and exciting restaurants.  It’s guaranteed that people will try and like them.

Some even say restaurants grew twice the rate of the state’s growing population this year.  Then again, CT technically added just under 500 people this year.

However, our state’s hunger for excellent cuisine will continue to fuel this restaurant boom.  The Connecticut Restaurant Association expects this upwards trend to last for years.

Which, also stimulates the economy.  So far this trend supplied 154,100 jobs with promises to add even more over the next decade.

Either way, it’s a good idea to dine in Fairfield County.   Guaranteed you’ll find something that tickles your fancy and leaves you satisfied.

What new restaurant did you fall in love with this year?  Let us know!


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