We now live in a world of selfies and Instagram hashtags. Every concert, party, or event you go to now it’s smartphones ahoy. People just taking photo after photo all for the hope that your filtered Instagram post will  to get enough likes to go numbers (if you get this reference you’re part of the problem. I’m guilty as charged on this). Or maybe the band will retweet your photo after the show.

We’ve all been conditioned to whip out our phones whenever ANYTHING that’s the least bit exciting happens.


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Well now we are learning that preserving those great memories in the form of a photo or video might actually be RUINING your memories instead of making them.

A study out of Fairfield University right here in Connecticut has found that when you take a photo of something, it actually DAMAGES your memory. Eventually, as time goes by you only remember what’s in the photo… but not all of the details your brain took in at the time.

In the study, they found that people who hadn’t taken photos at an art museum had happier, more detailed, and more vivid memories than people who had taken photos.


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The researchers behind the study even gave this new revelation a fun name:  The Photo-Taking Impairment Effect. Sounds like a bad Ashton Kutcher movie.

Just make sure you keep all of this in mind the next time your are trying to snap that perfect photo of your favorite band. You might actually forget that it ever happened in the first place.



source: science20.com

photo: (c) iStock/Thinkstock



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