Even though on-demand options and streaming services have rendered the premiere dates of TV shows irrelevant, New Fall TV Season is still a thing.  While 2016 has not been a great year for movies thus far, TV is having a banner year.  With dozens of brand new series hitting the airwaves over the next few weeks, CTBoom has you covered with previews of the shows you should keep your eyes peeled for both to binge and to avoid.

Continuing the series we started yesterday with Non-Hit Hits, we rebound with the surefire hits of the season.  Catch up and stay current because you’re going to be hearing a lot about these shows at the gym, the office, the radio, the grocery store, etc.  These are the hits.  


Set Your DVR
These are the shows you can’t afford to miss because the think-pieces, recaps, and write ups on them will be inescapable. They also look amazing, so you won’t want to miss them anyway.

Atlanta (FX, premiered on September 6th)

If you weren’t able to catch the premiere episode(s) of Donald Glover’s Atlanta when it premiered on September 6th, make it the first thing you watch the next time you turn on your TV, computer, or mobile device. I’m calling it right now: Atlanta will be the show of the season. FX has long since been the cable network where artists go to express themselves – this goes for actors, directors, and show runners. For Atlanta, Glover is involved in each of those levels. The passion he and the ensemble cast have poured into this project absolutely jumps off the screen. When asked to describe what he wanted to make in Atlanta, Glover responded, “Twin Peaks with rappers.” How do you not at least check this show out when that is the elevator pitch?

This is one to catch – we’re watching stars be born in not only Glover, but his co-stars Zazzie Beetz, Keith Stansfield, and Brian Tyree Henry.

Luke Cage (Netflix, premieres September 28th)

The Marvel machine is a tricky beast. It’s hard to tell what is actually good and what is actually mediocre once the Marvel tag gets slapped on the poster. As a brand, Marvel has crossed a rarified line insomuch that everything they do is considered good even if it’s only just ok. They’re the pizza of mass media. Luckily for them, the pizza matrix need not apply to Luke Cage – the third installment of the Marvel/Netflix Defenders initiative. There is no need to debate if this will be good or if it’s only good because it’s Marvel; this is going to be fantastic.

The best kinds of superheroes stories don’t rely on the powers they have; something that the DC comic properties just don’t get. It’s not about the super powers that the character has – it’s about the character that has the super powers. Luke Cage may have bullet proof skin, but I sincerely doubt that’s the most interesting thing that gets explored in this series. Block off the premiere weekend for a full binge and get ready to say “ok one more” a lot.

Westworld (HBO, premieres October 2nd)

The Wikipedia entry for this show describes it as: “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin,” the series tells the story of a futuristic theme park called Westworld.

I’m already hooked. HBO is coming off a truly historic run of prestige drama series – Game of Thrones has the world by the throat, The Night Of helped Summer ‘16 fly by, and Westworld is here to get us through to 2017. This show has easily the best cast of any show on television – Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, and Jeffrey Wright just to name a few.

This show looks like the producers of Ex Machina got together and decided to give Deadwood another shot only they were given the budget of Game of Thrones to produce “The Battle of the Bastards” every single week. Even if this is only a fraction of how good it could be, it’s going to be pretty good. There is a 90% chance it’s the most violent show on the planet, too.


Honorable Mention
High Maintenance – an anthology series about a marijuana delivery man in New York City.

Still to come this week, a deep dive on some adaptations, and all the shows we have our fingers crossed for.


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