Finally, it’s Ugg season again!  After two weeks of searching, we woke up to the crisp fall weather in the air. But, it won’t stick around because that dreaded summer-like heat makes a comeback this weekend.

I know, this constant bobbing between hot and cold keeps throwing me into a loop.  On top of that, my poor allergies can’t take the beating much longer.   And, unfortunately, there’s that tick problem to worry about.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that, on top of all that, our weekend forecast looks positively balmy.   So this is your warning to soak in the fall weather now.  You have through tomorrow to break out those coveted sweaters and leggings.

Especially tonight since we could see 40 degree weather.  So, leave those windows open and soak in the rare crisp autumn air.  Maybe even treat yourself to a PSL or spiced apple cider before it’s too late.

By Saturday, we’ll see temperatures crawl back into the low 70’s.  But, we won’t see any sunshine with an overcast sky predicted to linger throughout the day.   As for the nighttime, the low will reach around 62.  So, that’s not too bad but still not great considering how badly we want to cuddle under piles of blankets by now.

Seriously, I’m sleeping with just one measly sheet to cover me since even my ultra-thin quilt traps too much heat.  It’s seriously such a drag.  And quite the opposite of sexy.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with this unique problem.

But, come Sunday, put the tank tops and short back on since temperatures could flirt with 80.  As of now, Sunday’s high is expected to reach 77.   The sun will also make its grand return as it wafts between scattered clouds.

However, the pendulum should swing back to fall weather for Monday and Tuesday of next week.  But, by Wednesday, summer-like temperatures will slowly creep back with us seeing over 70 degree weather again by Friday.  And that mini warm up will stick around through Monday of the following week.

So, on the bright side, it looks like the kids won’t have to bundle up too tightly for Halloween.  However, those jack o’ lanterns sure will look gnarly by then.

Anyways, what do you prefer?  Do you crave that crisp and cool fall weather or are you a sucker for warmth?  Tell me in the comments below!

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