If I were to say the name Richard Kiel your reply would probably reply “Who?” But if I were to say “Jaws from the Bond flicks” you would know exactly who I was talking about. Sadly, Kiel will no longer be terrorizing Bond as he passed away yesterday at the age of 74.

Kiel first appeared as Jaws in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. With his giant frame and steel teeth Jaws certainly gave me a fright when I saw him for the first time. Enjoy this highlight reel of Jaws. (Warning: these action scenes do not hold up. And I am not responsible for the grammatical errors in the video.)

Kiel wasn’t a one-trick-pony though. Younger readers probably know him as Mr. Larson in Happy Gilmore. His interaction with Shooter is the best!

Kiel had a pretty impressive resume which includes work on The Twilight Zone and voice-over work on animated films like Tangled. Kiel was recently reunited with Roger Moore on BBC Radio 4 for The Reunion.

So long Mr. Kiel and thanks for the films.

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