Farmington High School students are organizing a boycott of the school’s lunch room as they claim the food provided is sub-par. Food at FHS is provided by Chartwells who says they deliver “fresh, delicious food”. The students disagree. Here are some of the claims made by students as to what they have been served by Chartwells.

-raw chicken
-under-cooked pasta
-moldy fruit
-hair in food

All of these things certainly would make for a lousy dining experience. I waas ready to write this off as high school kids attempting to be “political” but these don’t seem to be fictitious claims. Look at these pictures from the Facebook page.



Is that supposed to be Mac and Cheese?!

The students say the in addition to serving lousy food the Chartwells staff no longer allows a grace period should a student’s lunch card run out of money. Students are telling stories of prepared meals being tossed out in front of them because of insufficient funds.

The students have set up a Facebook page to rally people around their cause. Be sure to check out the pics posted there as is clearly illustrates the difference between what Chartwell’s promises and what they deliver.



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