So, if you haven’t heard yet, the other day there was this JetBlue flight out of Long Beach, California, that was headed to Austin, Texas that blew an engine mid-flight and (rightfully) freaked everyone out beyond comprehension.

Thankfully, the plane landed safely and everyone onboard survived, but with that landing and subsequent survival comes the deluge of photos of video from passengers who were either too stupid or vain to realize that they shouldn’t be taking selfies, but instead FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.23.31 AM

I gotta hand it to this doofus. He definitely handled this situation a LOT better than I would have.

And here’s why:

Gang, this kind of scenario-short of the plane straight-up dropping out of the sky-is my absolute, no questions asked, NUMBER ONE NIGHTMARE.

See, thanks to a horrific, white-knuckled, turbulence filled flight from Denver to Boston in 2007 that saw the plane dropping and throwing people around and forcing grown-ass men that looked like they served in wars to openly weep and pray, I’m what you’d call a bit of a nervous flier.

But, what the hell are you gonna do, right?

You’ve gotta travel, and you’ve just got to hope that those who are operating the plane know what the hell they’re doing, and that the plane isn’t a lemon.

Still though, after watching the video below, I can tell you without any reservation that if I’m on that horrifying JetBlue flight, and I survive?


Seriously though, watch this.

And if nothing else, do your best to explain to me below HOW ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WERE ABLE TO REMAIN SO CALM.

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