Yes, it is. Officially.

This map, which was created using data from NOAA’s Global Summary of the Day, says February has been awesome. Just kidding, it actually says February is one of the least pleasant months of the entire year. There is literally a zero percent chance of pleasantry this month. But could it be worse? I guess technically if you were living in McAllister, Montana; Northeast of Reno, Nevada; Clancy, Wyoming; or Cedarville, California.

So how many “pleasant days” does Connecticut really have to look forward to?

Groton: 80

New Haven: 72

Stamford: 69

Mansfield/Storrs: 66

Hartford: 59

Waterbury: 65

According to the NOAA a “pleasant day” consists of a “the mean temperature was between (55° F and 75° F), the minimum temperature was above 45° F, the maximum temperature was below 85° F and there was no significant precipitation or snow depth.”

So yeah, February really sucks. Get excited.

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