We’ve all been there.  The dreaded task of spending precious time to find a parking spot at Union Station (five minutes before your train is scheduled to depart) and you finally find one… only to find it’s “reserved.”

Ugh.  What a pain!

It’s such a huge let down… but, soon, you won’t have to deal with it!  The number of reserved parking spaces are going way down this summer.

There’s a total of 880 parking spaces at Union Station and over 100 parking spots are deemed “reserved” because they’re set aside for station employees and for the Department of Transportation.

But since the DOT is migrating to a new building, it means they won’t be needing their 40 to 50 or so parking spaces.

Also, those spaces roped off on the 2nd floor for the new rail staff?  They’re all being freed up because those positions were put on hold.

Isn’t this great news?  But, seriously, maybe you should leave yourself more than five minutes to make your train.


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