For the first time in Connecticut, when your animal is in need of immediate medical attention, you won’t be alone in finding a way to get them from the house to the vet.

According to a nice little feature from FOX 61, a group called the Connecticut Emergency Animal Response Team raised enough money to refurbish a former human ambulance for everything they need to treat animals on the fly.

The report adds that the animal ambulance will respond any time, any where, for any kind of animal emergency, and it’s all for free. All you have to do is call the number: 203-247-0310.

I am fully willing to admit that I have a huge soft spot for animals, and I know that there are far bigger problems in our state than pups and kitties getting shuttled to the vet by a full-on, lights flashing ambulance. But it’s Friday, and after the weather we’ve been having, it sure feels like we could all use some of the warm and fuzzies this story provides.

In today’s world, whether you like it or not, pets are becoming an increasingly significant part of our family. Adults consider them children. Children consider them siblings. And when you lose one, it’s just as heart-wrenching as losing a human loved one, if not more so.

So to know that somewhere in Connecticut, a group of people is doing literally everything in their power to help save pet lives is to know that there is goodness in the world. And the fact that their doing it all for free is even good-er.

Now, I’m not saying you have to donate to this group and their animal ambulance efforts, but I am saying that if you don’t already have a cause you are passionate about donating to, this seems like a good one to pick.

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