Dogs really are the best thing human beings have going for them. I know my mother would extremely disagree with me on that, but then I’d just show her THIS story.

Figo the service dog was hanging out with his lovely owner Audrey, who happens to be blind, just across the New York border in Brewster, NY, when all of a sudden, disaster almost struck them. Figo and Audrey were crossing the road and a mini school bus did not notice. THAT’S WHEN FIGO CAME INTO ACTION!

He jumped in front of his owner and got hit by the mini bus to save his Audrey. This just makes me think we all need a Figo in our lives. Figo and Audrey are okay, but both of them do have some injuries. It could’ve been a lot worse if Figo didn’t take the brunt of it.


Top Image (not Figo): (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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