Connecticut, get ready to break out the spare gas canisters and hit the pumps.

While you may have noticed cheaper and cheaper gas in recent weeks, it’s about to hit quite the milestone: Less than $2 a gallon.

In reporting on the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, Fox 61 found that despite seeing one of the slowest price drops in the United States, Connecticut could finally break the $2 barrier this week.

To that point, AAA reports the national average already being at $1.89 per gallon. Connecticut has been sitting at $2.05, which is pretty well behind the crowd.

But this week could be the big hope. With Winter here, the low fuel costs are actually kind of surprising, but we’re not ones to complain. This is going to be the week to hit the pumps. Fill up your car. Fill up some extra canisters. Fill up your generator. Put some in a water bottle for later. Do whatever you want – this stuff is basically cheaper than water at this point.

Of course, if you’re looking to do something generous with this newfound gas bonanza, get in touch with friends and family in California. Their average price per gallon is riding high at a whopping $2.77, and something tells us if you package it just right, you could ship them some gas for the low, low price of $2.50 a gallon (plus shipping and handling) and make yourself a nifty little profit.

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