The last several weeks have been full of scary bear stories that basically amount to one terrifying headline: Bears Are Trying to Be Humans, Are Kind Of Succeeding.

Yes, it surely seemed that the Bear Revolution was coming. Last spring, they came out in drovers to scope out what humans were all about. This year, they’re crashing our high school reunions, coming into our homes, and basically trying to replace us.

But apparently there’s some dissent within the ranks. As it turns out, not all bears are interested in doing people stuff. Some bears – the best bears – are still all about doing bear things. This bear that was shared to the Connecticut subreddit by Reddit user Tezliov, our favorite bear so far this spring, is just really into bird feeders.

F***in’ bears!

Return to the crime scene

Is it a little destructive? Sure. Is it an inconvenience to have a bear ruin your bird feeder and occupy your backyard for an afternoon? Absolutely. But is this sort of behavior something we should expect from our bears? 100 percent yes. Attacking a bird feeder and hauling it into the woods as an afternoon snack is the bear-iest thing there is for bears to do.

So as we head into a holiday weekend, let’s take a deep sigh of relief that maybe the Bear Revolution will hold off for another few weeks, or maybe even a year. As long as good bears are satisfied doing good bear things, everything will be alright.

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