Since 1948, visitors and residents of Southern California have been treated to some of the most delicious hamburgers known to man – those made by In-N-Out Burger. The company gradually has expanded – Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas…and that’s it. The company won’t franchise and they won’t go public, for fear that of losing the quality control that they are known for. Until now!



Yep, In-N-Out Burger is finally coming east of the Mississippi River, and Connecticut is getting one of the first locations! The main reason for the delay was the fear of whether or not West coast quick service establishments would work well in New England. But after several Sonic locations have opened in the past few years, plus this summer we’ll be getting L.A.’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs at Lake Compounce, that was enough of an incentive for In-N-Out Burger to make their mark in the northeast, with pretty much each state getting at least one location.




So starting in early 2015, you’ll be able to eat all the Double-Double burgers, Animal Style fries, and read all the Bible Verses you can handle. The one question remains regarding the infamous palm trees being kept outside in Cheshire year-round, but the company is still deciding whether or not they’ll use plastic trees, or replace them each year.

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