Once the dramatic smoke cleared out of Downtown Hartford from the Dunkin Donuts Park fiasco the Yard Goats season has turned out to be a giant success. Sellouts on top of sellouts, giant goat beers, fans having the best times, it’s been a fun summer at The Dunk*.

You may remember way back pre Chew Chew and Chompers, before the construction nightmares, when no one in Hartford owned a hat with a goat on it. The team held a contest letting fans vote on what the team name should be. Of course we now root for our beloved Yard Goats. But what if another wacky name had won? Thursday night at Dunkin Donuts Park we will find out exactly what it would look like.

When the Yard Goats take the field they will be known for one night, and one night only, as the Hartford Praying Mantis.

Why you ask? One of the final names that almost won was the “Hartford Praying Mantis” You know… the Connecticut state insect (yeah, I didn’t know that either until this contest happened. Don’t feel bad).

I have to be honest, I don’t hate the uniforms. Fun!


Tomorrow. The Hartford Praying Mantis.

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*Not sure if this is the official nickname of the park or not but I’m trying to make it happen.

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