When Halloween rolls into Connecticut, the state goes all out.  You see haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and graveyards seemingly pop up overnight.  However, some events aren’t “all ages” so little kids find themselves left out because the event is just “too scary”.

Parents can find themselves in a dilemma when searching for activities that entertain the younger crowd and can still satisfy an older sibling.  That’s when parents tap into their creativity to find something that is “all inclusive.”

Well, look no further than Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam.   They offer “Not-So-Scary” Halloween Hayrides every weekend which is full of treats, stories, and adorable rescue animals.

Ray of Light Farm designed the event with young children in mind, but kids of all ages fall in love with the hayride.  They definitely go all out with the Halloween decorations, too!  They sell a limited amount of tickets a night staggering the hayride in two waves so you don’t have to deal with large lines, either.  Plus, a smaller crowd makes the event all the more intimate and relaxing.

Also, Ray of Light Farm encourages everyone to dress up for Halloween.  So, your kid can break out the costumes early for this fun family event!  If they don’t have a costume, no worries since they’re not required.  Just encouraged!

So, along the hayride, various volunteers dress up as characters and appear along the trail. Witches, dancing animals, and ghouls interact with the children or provide entertainment as the wagon winds through the forest lit with fairy lights.  The “scariest” character, an old witch,  gives the children candy to enjoy as the hayride continues on its way.

My two nieces, (Loretta, 2, and Josie, 4,) went last Saturday and they had an absolute blast.   The only time Loretta felt scared was when she saw the old witch for the first time.

But, as soon as she realized that it was a friendly witch, she changed her tune.  After finding that it was okay with mom to talk to the witch who gave her a piece of candy, little Loretta put two and two together and called out as the ride was about to start up again, “Hey, witch!  More candy please!”

So, you don’t have to worry about the costumes frightening kids.

Also, both before and after the ride, kids and parents or grandparents can then visit all the rescue animals including a Zedonk (a zebra/donkey hybrid) and a 200 pound tortoise!  The farm has an amazing amount of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, to Ulysses the mule!  On top of it, the farm sells apple cider and donuts for kids and parents who need a snack.

It only costs $7 per ticket, so the price is super reasonable.  If not one of the most reasonably priced Halloween attractions in Connecticut!

Also, every penny goes towards the animals.  So if you love animals and want to help, this is your place.  It really is a feel-good evening.

Don’t forget your costume!  Rides take off every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 through 8pm!  Tickets go fast and rides do sell out.  Buy them HERE and prepare yourselves for some all-ages Halloween fun!

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