Back in June at the start of the summer here in Connecticut we were all captivated by a mysterious Twitter account @NewHeavenCT who was giving out free money all over New Haven.

Now as summer comes to an end heading into Labor Day Weekend, somebody is at it again. This time in Hartford under the name @DrCashCT.

It all started yesterday when whoever this cash “doctor” (probably didn’t go to medical school. Just sayin’) is began hinting at dropping cash all weekend.




Much like the New Heaven Twitter account, whoever Dr. Cash is seems to be doing it just to give back to the city.



As the followers started growing, the clues started coming…




At this point it was still just a random Twitter account, possibly a scam, or someone in their basement just having fun at Hartford’s expense.

UNTIL… the cash started dropping today.






It will apparently continue all Labor Day Weekend. So if you are in the Hartford area and staying local for the long weekend, you now have something exciting to do.

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