What?  Wait?  What?

Rick Scott, go home, you’re drunk.

Let’s back up a bit.  Due to those nasty budget cuts hitting Connecticut, our lawmakers considered a proposal that would tax university endowments.

The CTPost says that Senator Martin Looney came up with the idea.   He said, “It is our hope that these rich schools can use their wealth to create job opportunities, rather than simply to get richer.”

Meaning, they want a cut of the money that universities don’t put toward education.

I get it.  Connecticut is hurting and our deficit is kinda extreme.  But going after higher education?  Oh, I can already hear the sweet sound of students collapsing under higher loans.

Thankfully, our governor vetoed the measure.

But damage may have already been done.  Florida Governor Rick Scott reached out to Yale, promising he would never touch their endowments if they move south.  He even sweetened the deal by touting that he hasn’t raised taxes since taking office in 2011.  He does seem pretty darn confident that he’s gonna steal one of the world’s most famous universities from us.

What is this, a season of The Voice?  Well, GE did leave us for Team Massachusetts…

So far Yale seems very content with where they are and commended their 300 year friendship with the State of Connecticut.   Sigh of relief.  For now.

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