After weeks of hearing constant updates about the flu epidemic, we’re finally free.  Health officials confirmed that they downgraded our flu activity.

CT Post reports that flu activity returned to a “local” issue, down from “widespread.” That’s because flu-related illnesses rapidly decreased across the state. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news.  2 new deaths occurred since the last report.

The state Department of Public Health issued their final flu report of the year, declaring only one region in the state still has a flu problem.   Meaning, only that area continues to deal with flu outbreaks.

Meaning, the rest of the state is golden.  However, health officials say we’re not out of the woods quite yet:

“[Flu activity] remains slightly elevated compared to most areas of the country.”

Meaning, more people in CT continue to test positive for the flu virus than the national average.   This also applies to hospitalizations.

Despite all this, residents should heave a sigh of relief now that the nightmare is finally coming to a close.  This year’s flu season is one of the worst in recent memory.

The state recorded 154 flu-associated deaths this season.  Three of them were children under the age of 18.   That said, this is the highest amount of recorded deaths since 2013.

However, now that flu activity seems to be slipping, the DPH says they will no longer issue weekly flu reports.  Instead, they’ll release a full summery of what happened this year at the end of the summer.

Do you think the flu was terrible this year?  What year was the worst in recent memory.  I still remember my university being an utter ghost town in 2009 when “swine flu” was a thing.


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