Are you ready for flu season to punch you in the throat?  Yeah, I thought so.   Sadly, with cooler weather just dying to make a comeback, so do all the nasty viruses and germs.  Grab your fire cider and vitamin C, we’re in for a bumpy season!

Or, you know, sign up for a flu shot.  Those kinda work, too.  As for this year’s current strains, it looks to be Type A and Type B.

However, the Type B has me worried since it’s the same strain that took out my entire campus.  Yes, H1N1, otherwise known as “swine flu.”  It’s even the same 2009 strain.  But, if you had it, fingers crossed you won’t come down with it again.

But, viruses are tricky because they do that “evolving” thing.

CT Post reports that flu season opened the gates and raced around the state, already infecting 23 people and counting.  Also, most of CT’s counties wound up with an active case, so this strain looks like it moves VERY fast.  Already 6 out of 8 Connecticut Counties reported to have someone come down with the flu.

As for which county that claims the most cases, that’s Fairfield County.  Already 10 people came down with the bug.  Next, six people in New Haven county also succumbed to the nasty illness.   Hartford County reported seeing about four new patients.

Middlesex, New London and Tolland counties said they only have one active case.  For now.  But, you know this is only the beginning.

Also, out of all 23 cases, 8 required hospitalization.  On the bright side, though, none of them turned out to be fatal.

Newtown Daily Voice that October typically marks the official start of flu season, although cases do come in as early as August.

Currently, the rate of new cases come in about 4.2 percent.   When that level reaches 5 percent statewide, that’s when the PSAs really start rolling out.

But, it’s never too early to take precautions against flu season.

So, you need information on the flu vaccine, click HERE.  Meanwhile, I recommend stocking up on saltines, gatorade/powerade, apple sauce, bananas, rice, and chicken noodle soup just in case.

You will kick yourself if the flu takes you down and you don’t have those crucial elements in your pantry.  Trust me, it’s a lesson you never want to learn.

So, do you think this year’s flu season will be as bad as 2009s or will it be worse?  Or, do you think people are making a mountain out of a molehill?

What do you think? Comment below