Despite the fact that we’re basically living in the future, all the flying-car-and-jet-pack-predictions anyone made based on The Jetsons have fallen disappointingly short. Cars don’t fly. Packs don’t jet. We’re basically the same, boring, ground-based humans we were in 1950.

But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all my hours spent watching TV and playing video games, it is this: When reality is just a bummer (AKA, always), someone will use a computer to make virtual reality into something satisfactory.

So while we’ve all been spending our days not jetting around the skies like human airplanes, Google was working on giving us that experience in the virtual world. And as of this week, they delivered.

If you ever wanted to strap on a jetpack and rocket your way through Hartford, you can now simulate that exact experience thanks to Google’s three dimensional map of Connecticut’s capital city.

Wanna zip around the XL Center? Easy. Want to do a fly by near the Old State House? Go for it. Want to just fly through and look down on all the little people who aren’t flying right now? Seriously, that’s what this is all about so do it.

Look, I still want real jetpacks one day. I still want to be able to take to the skies and fly wherever I want without having to split an arm rest with a guy who apparently never learned what a shower is. But that isn’t a reality today, and Google’s got us pretty close. So for now, we’ll take it.

Image via Google Maps

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