Who says Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley doesn’t have a sense of humor? Reflecting on the 2010 race for governor when he lost a squeaker to Democrat Dan Malloy after a Bridgeport appearance by President Obama led to an embarrassing ballot shortage in the city, Foley told a political gathering in Fairfield the other night he’s scouring votes in the state’s largest city, even bringing his infant children to the Registrar’s Office. Here’s what he cracked:

I’m a family man. I have a beautiful wife. I have two-and-a-half-year-old twins. It’s children that really make me the most concerned and interested in running for office and leading this great state. I want to make sure that the future that we leave for our children is at least as good as the one that our parents left for us. I’ve been working on this race for a long time. We came very close in 2010 and I am very grateful for the support in this community. I’ve been working so hard actually, trying to find votes that I took my two-and-a-half-year-old twins down to Bridgeport last week and tried to register them to vote. I went up to the registrar’s desk and I was a little concerned. They’re not very big you know … She looked at them and said ‘boy, they’re pretty young. How old were they?’ I said two-and-a-half. She said ‘fine. So would you like to have four votes or eight votes?’ I said what’s the difference? She said ‘one hundred dollars …’

Democrats, of course, responded, including the state’s chief elections official Secretary of State Denise Merrill:

“Though he may have intended his comments as a joke, it is definitely not funny. It is, however, an example of Tom Foley once again irresponsibly throwing out accusations without as much as a shred of proof. Comments like these have the potential to undermine public confidence in our election system, particularly at a time when we have done so much to improve voting and strengthening the integrity of our elections.”

Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo added:

“Not sure what’s more humorous, the fact that Tom Foley says he’ll appeal to voters in Connecticut cities when he’s against the state’s increase to the minimum wage, is actively courting the gun lobby, and even supported the Tea Party’s government shutdown … Or the fact that he repeatedly knocks Connecticut’s largest city in one breath, and then in the next says he’ll be the cities’ candidate.”

Hmm, anyone placing bets on a smooth election cycle?

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