The internet has the ability to show us many things we wouldn’t normally see on a regular day. Like a gang of cute puppies, or those dumb challenges that people do (what even WAS the condom challenge!?). Sometimes you stumble upon something that makes you cringe a little bit. You want to look away but you can’t help but to keep watching.

This is the case with the “Dancing Squid dish”.

I guess this dish is a popular one in Japan. You may be wondering, “What makes a squid dance!?”, and “Why would someone want to eat something that is still moving!?”. I can’t really answer that 2nd question. I do like my meat a little bit on the red side, but if it was still moving and shaking it’s legs, I would consider going vegan.

Back to the first question- what makes a squid dance!? Soy Sauce! Once you pour the salty sauce on the recently deceased squid, the nerve endings react and make the tentacles “do a little dance”. It sounds horrifying and it kinda IS horrifying but I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to eat it, have eaten it, and have very much enjoyed the dancing squid.

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Posted by Crazy Crap on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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