West Hartford seems to be loosening up at bit and getting with the times. Food Trucks are the latest fad and just like all major trendy cities all across the country, West Hartford has gotten on the FOOD TRUCK TRAIN!!

A town hall meeting was held on Tuesday, where the town council approved an ordinance for food trucks in town.

The trucks are now allowed to set up for business in the Elmwood section of West Hartford, on New Park Avenue. (I grew up in this area…although when I was living there we kids referred to it as the ELMHOOD… But, I digress)

According to WFSB, roughly about a dozen people showed up for the meeting, most of them food truck operators expressing their interest in expanding their operations to the West Hartford Market.

But of course…all of this will come with some rules…

The ordinance also includes a “Food Truck Park,” where up to five trucks can stay parked in the designated area from 10 a.m. -11 p.m. This is awesome…especially if you are just leaving the Bow Tie Cinema down the street and are looking for a quick bite to eat.

The food trucks would have to park at least 500 feet away from actual restaurants.

Of course with changes, you will have some people that will love the idea and some that will HATE it…and it seems like the area restaurants are very concerned that the food trucks will hurt the surrounding businesses.

According to WFSB, the Council members voted 8-1 on Tuesday.

All I have to say is if the Nora Cupcake truck and the Whey Station are setting up shop in my old stomping grounds…I will be there!!!

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