We are on day 33 of the partial goverment shut down, and for some that means no paychecks, which means buying food is a sudden struggle. Foodshare, out of Bloomfield, is trying to change that.

They have been gathering donations for TSA workers, many who which are faced now with sudden hunger issues that they never thought possible.

Over 1,500 pounds of food has been raised so far, making many people extremely grateful.

Richard Hiscox is the warehouse and facilities manager at Foodshare which means a big part of his job is making sure Connecticut families who need a little help can get nutritious and delicious options.

“This is why we exist. This is why we’re here is to help people when they hit a rough patch in life. Certainly, none of these people would ask to be without a paycheck for a month,” Hiscox said.

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