We here at ctboom.com love WalletHub, a website that consistently puts out study after study on economical, political, and social data for states.

The study that I am talking about today is WalletHub’s 2017 list of States with the Most and Least At-Risk Youth.

Guess where Connecticut lands?

If you guessed at the bottom of the list (or, I guess, looked at the title of this article), you’d be correct.

Connecticut landed 39th out of 51 (the list included the District of Columbia as well), which for once is great news.

The only states beating us out included Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Utah, and North Dakota.

Most of those states shouldn’t be a surprise.

Have you ever heard of a gang in Iowa? Or North Dakota?

Mississippi took the top spot, followed by Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, and West Virginia taking the top five.

West Virginia wasn’t really on the radar for the most “at-risk youth” until last year, sparked on, most likely, by the Opioid crisis, of which West Virginia is pretty much the hub.

As well as securing out #39 spot on the at-risk youth list, the study concluded that we have the third lowest youth labor force participation rate, fifth lowest youth poverty rate, and third lowest percent of homeless youth in the nation.

Which, take for that what you will.

But it’s always a good day here at ctboom.com when we can brag about Connecticut on a list. The opportunities are few and far between.


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