I’m not even remotely kidding when I say that McDonald’s and Burger King could end all the world’s fighting with this one move. World Peace could be achieved with this one sandwich idea.

In an effort to call a truce with McDonald’s for one day (Sept. 21st ‘World Peace Day’) Burger King is running full page ads in the New York Times asking McDonald’s to join forces with them to create the McWhopper.



BRILLIANT!! Just an incredible move by The King.

I can’t even begin to explain how epic this would be. It would change everything. Red Sox and Yankees fans will become best friends and simply the game of baseball, Starbucks and Dunks will share coffee recipes, hell Trump and Hilary might even run together in 2016!

This needs to happen. It is all riding on you McDonald’s. Do the right thing. Do it for world peace. And mostly, do it so I can try what looks like the most delicious fast food sandwich ever created.


 UPDATE: McDonald’s responds…



via NY Times


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