Everyone loves good news and because it’s Friday, I’m here to deliver.  Forbes tapped 11 Connecticut companies as being among the best of the best.

Patch reports that Forbes scrutinized the history and records of overr 30,000 companies this year.  However, only 500 made this year’s roundup and 11 of which are right here in Connecticut!

Every year, Forbes teams up with a data company called Statista to refine their list.  The leading factor in determining worthy companies came down to a simple question: would you recommend your employer to other people?  Those surveyed were also asked to nominate organizations not affiliated with them.

Unfortunately, time for a bit of bad news.  17 state companies landed on Forbes’ list in 2016 and, sadly, all but one are no longer in the state.  So, what happened?  What made five companies fall off the list?

Either way, they should definitely get their act together if they want to soak in the limelight and positive national attention.

That said, click through to find out which CT companies made this year’s list.

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