So, do you find this list surprising or right on the money?

Either way, the companies that once made list but failed to secure their nominations again were: Yale New Haven Health, State of Connecticut, Lego Group, Aetna, Pitney and Bowes, Lego Group, EMCOR, Starwood Hotels, Eversource, Cigna, WR Berkley, and Travelers.

Which means several newcomers jumped on the list while others got too comfortable on their laurels.

Either way, which company do you believe deserves to be atop of the list?

As for the companies that topped the list nationally?  Well, the top three was a mixture of the obvious and a bit of surprise.

Google came third this year, Trader Joe’s came in 2nd, and Michelin (a company headquartered in France) came in first.

Click HERE to check out the rest of the national list!




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