Okay, this trend in LA  needs to grow legs and walk itself on over to CT.  Because, seriously, these colorful taco inventions look amazing.  And so very delicious.

And I have Thrillist to thank for finding this magical place.  Considering crazy milkshakes took off like wildfire, I only know it’s a matter of time before people jump on the ice cream taco bandwagon.

So, this place called Sweet Cup decided to go hard on taco Tuesdays.   While people are already going crazy over rolled ice cream, they took it a step further.  By inserting that delicious treat into a waffle cone taco shell.

Drooling yet?

Owner Kenny Tran came up with the spectacular idea.  So, not only does he offer a wide array of ice cream flavors, he also makes specialty “taco” shells.  Like, ones that come in all colors of the rainbow.

And each one comes with its own special flavor, like s’more, matcha, and strawberry shortcake.   Basically, this guy created the next best Instagramable food.

So not only are you served your own special rolled ice cream in a colorful shell, you get to add your own toppings. This guy even offers edible gold as a topping.  I know, it’s awesome!

Literally, this guy took “taste the rainbow” as a challenge.  And he succeeded.

I can’t wait for this trend to make its way to CT because I want to eat an ice cream taco so bad.  And, no, not the ones that come wrapped up inside an ice cream truck.

You know I have an obsession with blue drinks. But, it’s more like a fascination with anything edible that’s blue.  So, now that I know there’s a BLUE ICE CREAM TACO out there, I want that in my mouth ASAP.

Check out the video and tell me you’re not excited about this.


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