There is no fourth wall in Pippin.  Just laughter, great songs, dancing, and a ton of cool circus-level stunts!  It’s basically a Broadway musical on steroids.

As a result, this musical has it all.   Seriously, even passive performance arts fans would get a kick out of it.  It’s an insanely creative and unique coming-of-age tale, which is bound to make think about its meaning long after the curtains close.

And that’s why it’s part of the Broadway Series currently happening at Foxwoods.  It’s because Pippin is so different from your typical musical.   Sure, it includes your typical themes and tropes, but they’re interpreted so wildly it’s like they’re something else entirely.

Like, does it have a fight scene?  Technically, yes.  If you consider coreographed jazz scenes, complete with canes and tap shoes, a metaphor for war.  Okay, that sounds weird on CT Boom, but it makes total sense on stage.

Pippin is a strange but fun musical.  It dares to push traditional boundaries and makes them its own, which creates a wonderfully charming and exciting story.  Also, once you sit down in your seat, you become part of the musical.

Yes, an omnipotent narrator regularly communicates with the audience, which triggers a ton of fourth-wall breaking.

However, at the very core of Pippin, you get a story with an amazing moral about finding what makes life worth living and extraordinary.   Sure, the vibrant and energized acrobatic sequences truly are a treat. But its the scenes that include just one character on the dark stage bathed in the spotlight hit you the hardest.

All in all, Pippin is a mixed bag of fun and profound story-telling.  You get high energy numbers, catchy songs, lovable characters, a romance like no other, and all the magic that makes a Broadway musical extraordinary.

You can watch it June 15th through the 18th at Foxwoods.  Get your tickets HERE and maybe consider grabbing an ultimate hotel package while you’re at it.  Turn it into a fun weekend out with your besties or significant others!

Foxwoods offers a ton of amazing restaurants and shopping opportunities, so grabbing tickets to see Pippin could be the start of the ultimate weekend staycation.  Or new family tradition.

Don’t forget that if you buy tickets to another musical, you get 25% off!

Either way, make plans to see Pippin.  It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

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