Man, it seems week after week Foxwoods brings in the best of the best in the comedy world. This Saturday, buckle your seat belts for Norm Macdonald.

This guy’s a perennial favorite on the late night syndicates. David Letterman himself hailed Norm Macdonald as the funniest man in the world.  Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien regularly invites him onto his talk show because he’s one of his favorite guests.

Also, Norm Macdonald’s four year stint on Saturday Night Live cemented him as one of comedy’s greats. Even Chevy Chase praised his work by deeming him the best anchor to ever grace the chair.

Most people recognize him from his movie work, namely through the cult classic “Dirty Work.”

Other people know of Norm Macdonald through his stints on Adam Sandler’s movies, such as “Billy Madison.”

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As for what Norm’s up to now? He’s sitting at the judge’s table for “Last Comic Standing” this season. So, you know the stakes are high to impress this guy, who’s comedic talent seems to penetrate every aspect in entertainment.

Still, Norm’s brand of stand up comedy stands out time and time again. The fact that he pauses to smile and laugh at his jokes makes the audience laugh even harder. He’ll drag the audience through his jokes to build the perfect amount of anticipation before delivering the punchline.

For example, when he had the audience on Conan laughing and crying for a full minute. After delivering a 5-minute joke.


Comedy Central named him one of the top 100 comedians of all time. In 2011, following the release of “Me Doing Stand-Up,” The Guardian dubbed it the best comedy special of all time.

However, what really makes a Norm Macdonald show unique is that he never recycles a joke. It’s because he retires all material once it makes it onto a special.

Which means; no two shows of his are alike. So, if you miss his Saturday night stint at Foxwoods, you’ll miss a one-of-a-kind special.

Grab your tickets HERE! After that, be sure to make a reservation atone of Foxwoods’ amazing restaurants!  There’s also offer hotel packages, too, if you want to make a weekend staycation out of it!

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