Yesterday, we learned that Bradley Airport would not be getting a casino. However, today is not a day to mourn that loss because we still have two in full operation in Connecticut…but only one of them is bringing Shaquille O’Neal to Connecticut on Halloween night.

To spin records.

Yes – Shaq (or rather, DJ Diesel as he prefers to be known these days) is coming to Foxwoods for their Wicked Halloween on Saturday night. I didn’t think Foxwoods could top the amazing Floyd Mayweather/Lindsay Lohan New Year’s Eve party, but with Shaq, and Steve Aoki, coming to the Premier Ballroom, they may have:

A full 90 minute set from Steve Aoki, drinks, and possibly the best costumes and decorations you’ll see at any Halloween party this year.

Plus…you know…Shaq on the 1’s and 2’s.

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