Fans of the hit CBS sitcom, The King of Queens, are in for a real treat.  Foxwoods Resort Casino welcomes renowned comedian, Kevin James, this Saturday!

So, if you remember the hilarity known as Paul Blart, Grown Ups, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, this show’s for you. Actually, you have two shows to choose from.  So, you get even double the Hollywood glory!

So you can grab dinner after his 7:30PM show or before his 10:15PM show.  Decisions… decisions…

Kevin James is one of those comedians who, if Hollywood needs a funny guy, he’s their guy.  His IMDB page is crazy!  Hitch, Here Comes the Boom, The Delimma, Zookeeper… I can go on.

Currently, he’s the mastermind behind the CBS series Kevin Can Wait.  He also recently appeared in the Netflix special True Memoirs of an International Assassin.

Not only that, this guy can literally do everything.   Sometimes all at the same time.  He does stand up, voice acting, television, AND blockbuster movies.  Not many comedians can juggle a demanding career like that, but Kevin James does it with ease.

If you watched a comedy in the past day or two, chances are you saw Kevin James.

Check out some of his movie highlights in this handy-dandy show reel below:

This guy’s a literal machine.  So, you can only imagine what he’s got planned for his Foxwoods shows!

His style of comedy is succinct, like a sneak attack.  You get a little buildup and then, bam, he smoothly delivers the payoff.  Also, he’s not shy about acting like a fool to get a few extra chuckles out of you.

As documented right here in his bit about attempting to water-ski.  I mean, we saw this guy attempt to ride a segway… so you can only imagine how that particular adventure of his went…

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