This musical did it all.  You saw it in theaters, read it in book form, and saw it on Broadway.  Heck, it once had Meryl Streep involved at one point. But now it’s your chance to see it at Foxwoods!

MAMA MIA, one of Broadway’s most successful musicals, will wrap up Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Broadway Series next month.  So, you get to rock out to Abba while enjoying one of the cutest love stories of all time.

On top of that, it’s your last chance to see this musical before curtains close for good.  It’s the Farewell Tour.   I know, it’s so bittersweet.  But, all good things must come to an end.

And MAMA MIA deserves the rest.  It’s the 8th longest running musical in history, both in London’s West End and in Broadway.  Yeah, it toured all over the world (France, China, Germany… just to name a few.)

It’s also one of five musicals that ran for over 10 years in Broadway.  This production just wrapped up its 18th (and final) year!  Which is insane considering this musical achieved all this and its only been around since 1999!

I was one of the lucky 60 million people who saw this musical in New York City.  And, I can honestly tell you, this production is completely magical.  You can’t help but smile and sway along as the cast sings some of the best-known ABBA songs of all time

Yes, this musical is exactly for all you ABBA fans.  It’s built entirely around their iconic songs, from Waterloo to Super Trouper.  And, the story that connects all these songs is super cute.

Plus, you’ll laugh your butt off during the “Take a Chance on Me” number.  Believe me.

The musical follows the narrative of a single mother, Donna, and her love-struck daughter, Sophie.  As Sophie prepares for her wedding day, she concocts a plan to get in touch with her biological father.  But, she bites off more than she can chew considering her mom had flings with three men at the time of her conception.

So, what does an ingenue do?  She invites all three men to her wedding on the lovely Greek island of Kalokairi to figure out who her real father is.   However, she signs the letters with her mother’s name, Donna.

While her mother’s two eccentric, yet successful, friends arrive – so do Sophie’s three prospective fathers.

Cue a bunch of Maury-esque “who’s the daddy” questions from Sophie, and the audience sinks into deep confusion over who is Sophie’s true father.  Each man has very convincing evidence that supports his respective claims, too.

Which, you can only imagine how Donna takes the news once she realizes why all her ex-lovers are suddenly at her daughter’s wedding.

Which, make her single besties very happy about the man-smorgasbord they get to enjoy.  Cue the “Take a Chance on Me” and why it’s absolutely hilarious.

All in all, MAMA MIA  is the ultimate feel-good musical that offers an emotional roller coaster without the whiplash.  You’ll laugh, sing along, and feel like the Dancing Queen you once were. Plus, it’ll make you appreciate your family and everything they mean to you.

Hey, my mom got pretty teary-eyed at some parts.  But then again, she cried watching Frozen.  So, it’s not that big of a tear-jerker.  It’s just extremely sentimental.

I admit I hugged my dad after the show.  Considering 14-year-old me did the hugging, that’s pretty major.

So, if you’re hunting for a fun activity to do with the family or for just a date night.  Or, just as an outing with your friends, grab your tickets for MAMA MIA at Foxwoods!

It runs July 14th through the 17th and offers two showings a day.  Grab your tickets by clicking HERE before they’re gone!  Also, don’t forget the awesome hotel packages Foxwoods has for this Broadway event.

Grab your tickets to MAMA MIA and be sure to make those hotel/restaurant reservations.  You deserve to have a mini-vacation.

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