It’s always a sad day in Connecticut when a local staple closes its doors, but this might be the most tragic closing in the state’s history. The Original Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana announced yesterday that they will be closing down all locations in Connecticut next month after “location expansions have caused too much financial strain”.

Everyone who lives in Connecticut and loves pizza (okay, just everyone) is familiar with the Pepe’s story. They opened in 1925 on Wooster Street in New Haven, created the deliciously awesome white clam pie and started the epic New Haven Pizza Battle.

What you may not know is that Pepe’s has been working hard to expand their locations across Connecticut and most recently up to Boston. Currently, they have the original location on Wooster, The Spot right next door, locations in Fairfield, Manchester, Mohegan Sun, Danbury, West Hartford, Yonkers, NY and now a Boston location coming soon.

Only problem with expanding a local, family-run business to that many locations? You might end up running yourself too thin. Which, sadly, is exactly what happened. Pepe’s all over the state will be closed by mid-May including the original Wooster St. locale. So go nostalgically stand in line for hours, eat up your clam pies, say goodbye and cry forever – because now when you fight with your friends about which New Haven pizza is truly the best this contender is permanently out.

Source: The Daily Slice




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