In today’s world, there isn’t much we can agree on. We’re constantly debating everything from the weather to baseball to how true the news is. There is one thing us Nutmeggers have found a general consensus on: Frank Pepe’s pizza is amazing and a state treasure.

The pizzeria opened its first location in 1925 in New Haven; and remains one of the oldest and best known in the US. Pepe’s pizza frequently tops list of “best pizza” locally, and nationally. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. In the competitive world that is the New England pizza game: Pepe’s is thriving, so much so that they just extended their reach. A new location will be providing the pizza we know and love, in Waterbury at 130 Reidville Drive. Each Pepe’s location (this is their 9th) has a replica of the original coal oven in New Haven;  ensuring pizza lovers get the unique flavor they’ve come to expect.  The Waterbury location will feature the full menu, which includes salad as well as pizza, and of course, Foxon Park soda.

The Waterbury Frank Pepe’s opened on April 17th.

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