Winter Storm “Easton”  is here! Do you have all of your milk, bread, and eggs?

First and foremost, everyone needs to just calm down – it’s the February, it’s winter, and storms happen. Some will be worse than others, no one needs to freak out. The issue this time around is everyone remembers what happened last year – for the first time in a generation, we actually had a storm that snowed people in. It was a terrible storm, but being snowed in in 2014 is a lot different than being snowed in in 1914. Back then, if you were snowed in, you were snowed in and that was that. And as bad as last year’s storm was, it wasn’t this bad (100 years ago, when you got stuck, you were stuck):






See? With plows and technology, it’s not as bad as it used to be. So everyone should just relax. But, there are some quick tips that we can all do to take precaution to make things easier with regards to getting to and from work:

Clear off your car throughout the day (and night). This is one of the easiest things to do and almost no one ever does it – nothing is worse than coming to your car at 5:30pm at the end of the workday, or first thing in the morning, in the cold and wind and dark and having to clear off your car with a foot of snow. So do it periodically. During your lunchbreak, and again at 3pm, that way you’re good to go. Plus remember that the ice missile law is now in effect. Since they’re saying the storm is coming tonight, do it once or twice after dinner. It makes things so much easier in the morning.

Schedule your plow guy now. Call the plow guy. Or, better yet, use Plowz. You don’t even need to be there to pay the guy!





Put up your windshield wipers. This is something that you’ll see people do, to prevent the wipers from sticking in the morning as you wait for the defroster to kick in, or from them getting buried by snow so they don’t work properly.

Park rear first. This isn’t nearly as big of a deal as people think, but it gives people the psychological frame of mind that it’s easier to go forward in snow.

Finally, just stay off the roads. This one is a no brainer – just stay home. Even Governor Malloy is telling people to stay off the road today.


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