As an American, I love ice cream. The kind of ice cream that is impossible to get out of the carton. The type of ice cream that the annoyed teenagers break a sweat trying to scoop out at the store. You know, real ice cream that you eat on July 4th while you watch fireworks.

My children, on the other hand, are crazy for frozen yogurt. The kind of frozen yogurt you make yourself and then mix with a variety of candies. The type of fro-yo that they weigh and somehow it costs twenty dollars. Frozen Yogurt which doesn’t look, feel, or taste anything like ice cream. 

I don’t get it. I don’t get the appeal, I don’t get the excitement, and I certainly don’t get the reason that there are 7 of these places about 4 miles from my house.

Fro Yo World. Wethersfield.

Kiwi Spoon. Rocky Hill.

CherryBerry. Wethersfield.

Froyoworld. New Britain.

Sweet Frog. West Hartford.

Sweet Frog. Glastonbury.

Kiwi Spoon. Newington.

How is there enough audience for all of these locations? There cannot possibly be enough “vanilla yogurt with 800 gummy worm” fans in suburban Hartford to warrant this.

The thing that makes me the most mental is that my children don’t even want to have regular ice cream. The Ben and Jerry’s store in Glastonbury is great, but here we are at Sweet Kiwi Berry World.

Tami from Glastonbury in her Ben and Jerry’s Yelp review gets it:

Read Tami C.‘s review of Ben & Jerry’s on Yelp

The only possible reason is that kids like to make their own mix-ins. Sure. But me? I’d rather some 17-year-old with the flu shove my overly frozen cookies and cream in a sugar cone and call it a day.

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